Storing Guns, Scopes, and Rangefinders in Your Home – What You Need to Know

Storing Guns, Scopes, and Rangefinders in Your Home – What You Need to Know

Hunting season is the time to pull out those guns and old shoes. Although it may be a hobby to some, it is also a risk to others. Every year there are reports of children and teens playing with guns and getting hurt or even tragically killed.

With video games being a huge influence on kids, there is n doubt that they would spark some curiosity. Of course, that is when the trouble begins. Here are a few tips to keep those guns and accessories hidden away and keep you worry-free.

Purchase a Safe

Almost all homes have a handy-dandy safe. Whether they want to store cash, jewelry, or personal identification, safes are the best solution. Not only will you protect your kids, but you wouldn’t want an intruder getting a hold of them.

Safety is critical, and it always essential to remember that children will play with whatever they see in front of them. So purchase that safe and invest a little for the sake of everyone’s safety.


The jokes on you! Criminals are three steps ahead of the game. They are aware of familiar hiding places and are receptive to your secret stash. As well as valuables, they need a durable and out of the usual hiding spot.

So not the key under the mat trick. Something along the lines of a thorough, well thought out spot. Anything that requires a passport or a cheap lock won’t cut it because they will.


Of course, before considering purchasing a gun, you need to check the crime rate, the demographics, and common hit spots. That means research to see if your neighbor is on the radar and susceptible to robberies.

Believe it or not, criminals will go a month and even year studying their victims’ every move before going for it. Most robberies are for the intent of stealing valuables and money. But if a gun is present, they won’t leave it untouched.

Even though you may think our neighborhood is safe, there is always that slight chance. Never be too sure and trust no one. Guns are no joke and can do some severe damage.


Like a safe a lock-boxes are made for guns. They are durable and able to withstand an abundance of weight. Their prices are reasonable and pretty fair so that they won’t cost you a fortune. But they will ensure safety and confinement.

Individuals usually store money and smaller objects, but a gun or two should fit. It also has enough room to store your bullets. It has a PIN feature to make sure that your belongings can’t be accessible.

Gun Cabinet

Cabinets may not be the absolute safest if you have kids; however, if you are not a parent and want to display your guns proudly. This tip is for you. What is a gun cabinet? It is a cabinet that places your guns neatly while showing them.

Providentially, they come in many attractive colors and styles. Your job is to choose the one that suits you. With it, you can store your guns safely, keeping them out of harm’s way. Also, it will add a bit of zing to your space.

Ventilation Systems

You are probably scratching your head like, “huh?” The vents are an innovative way to hide anything. You can toss them far beneath the vents out of sight and seal it back up. No one would be the wiser.
The best thing about this idea is that no one would ever suspect it. Vents are, of course, if you have space with an accessible ventilation system. If not, then this hack can not apply to you.


Underground hide-outs

Do you ever see in movies how they magically open an underground ‘lair’ or behind a bookshelf, there is another room? Yes, I am talking about one of these. Keeping your equipment hidden underground may be the best idea by far.

Most hide-outs are inconspicuous and undetectable. They are often right under our noses, and that’s good before we never look there. The best part is if you store it in a safe and place the safe in a hide-out.

Lastly, if there were ever an intruder, it would take a while to break down the hide-out walls. Assuming they knew where you keep your stash, of course. By the time they get close to breaking in, the cops would have booked and charged them.

Keep your firearms Unloaded

After using your firearms, make sure that you unload all the bullets before they are stored, even the ones in the chamber. It would be best if you abode by this. A lot of times, there can be accidents as a result of keeping even one bullet inside.

This course of action prevents damages, accidents, and loss. Additionally, you want to make sure your children have the proper lesson about guns and how they can be a threat to the lives around them. Explain the safety and cautionary measures to keep them aware.

Other Tips

There are other sites online that offer more tips on how to store your guns and gear to make your insurance company happy. You can check out RangeFinder Yard or mcinnis insurance for more tips.

Handle your guns safely at home

If this is your first time handling a gun, you might want to be extra cautious. A lack of training can cause accidents. Make sure you follow any given guides, instructions, and expertise before bringing them home.

Another thing I do need to stress is to make sure that the guns are facing away from you or anyone else. If you are wiping it down, point it away from your body and those around you. Please be cautious! You don’t know how many times this happens.

Slip-ups occur often, and they are not reversible. There is no turning back time after the damage. So take the extra steps even if it comes off as tedious. It will benefit you and your loved ones as well.

Sometimes going the extra mile maybe a bit tedious, and I agree. However, if it promises safety for everyone’s well-being, I am content with no ifs and or buts about it.…