Questions You Never Wanted To Ask About Life Insurance

Life insurance policies are something that a lot of people look at.  However, there are many questions that people never ask about when it comes to these policies.  It is important that you find out the answers to these questions before you start looking at life insurance policies.

Does Your Weight Affect Your Eligibility?

If you are overweight according to your BMI, you will still be able to qualify for life insurance with a number of companies.  There are some companies that will offer poorer rates based on this, but there are others that still offer reasonable rates.  The key will be to apply to the right company for your situation, and this is something that your insurance agent should help with.

If you find that your weight is keeping you from the best rates. You should hold off on buying the policy until you have lost some of the extra weight.  The amount you have to lose might not be huge and could take a few weeks to achieve before you actually apply for the policy.

Can You Apply As A Non-Smoker Is You Have A Cigarette Every Now And Then?

Another question that you may not want to ask is if you will be able to apply as a non-smoker if you do have a cigarette every once in a while.  Most companies will actually class you as a smoker if you smoke occasionally.  However, there are other companies that might be a bit more lenient.

The insurance agent that you work with should be able to tell you which companies allow this.  However, it is better to be honest with your potential insurance provider.  After all, there is a chance that they can see evidence of your smoking somewhere in your medical record.

Are You Too Old For Life Insurance?

There are a lot of people who are nervous about asking if they are too old to get life insurance.  This is not something to worry about because there are set cutoff ages in place and the insurance provider should not waver from this.  Term life insurance will generally come with a cutoff of age 70 or 75 depending on the insurer.  Smaller whole life insurance policies can be purchased at any age.

There are a number of questions that many people are nervous about asking in regards to life insurance.  You should not be afraid to ask your insurance agent any questions because they will impact the insurance policy that you get.